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Giving youngsters values to live by
Hamilton News, Waikato  31 Mar 2017
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The Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato Kiwi Can programme has been run in Crawshaw School, a decile one school in Nawton, since 2010.

Kiwi Can is a life skills and values programme delivered to the whole school by trained Kiwi Can leaders, with every child attending a Kiwi Can lesson once a week, every week of the school year. It delivers fun-filled learning and teaches the children values that are based around four themes - positive relationships, integrity, resilience and respect.

The leaders welcome 26 excited year 8 Crawshaw School students to the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato-run Kiwi Can class and then start with a fun 'energiser' activity. As part of positive relationships, the main lesson then focuses on empathy vs sympathy. The students are given a picture to review and discuss and asked to role play what they think is happening as well as whether it was empathy, sympathy or both.

The Kiwi Can room is seen as a safe area where all opinions and thoughts are considered.

Jill Littlewood, Principal of Crawshaw School is a huge fan.

"Today's children receive different messages from many different places including video games, YouTube, Facebook, snapchat - all things outside of their family - which can be confusing.

Kiwi Can is fantastic as it explicitly teaches values and helps children understand what they mean and what that look like in practice, with the values-focused lessons every week ensuring they 'catch' these values," says Jill.

Jill also praises the relationships the children have with the leaders.

"Talking about feelings can be hard for many children and the leaders help the children feel safe to discuss some pretty tough topics for some of the kids. I am proud to say that when times are tough our leaders are there for our kids. You don't get that with someone coming in for a couple of weeks then going away again", says Jill.

Vikki Blundell, Regional Manager of the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato has seen the positive benefits of Kiwi Can; "It gives our tamariki a great foundation for being connected contributors to our Waikato community" says Vikki.

Crawshaw Primary, including Kiwi Can leaders William Po'ese and Terry Faleva'ai, were recently rewarded for their efforts at the Graeme Dingle Foundation National Excellence Awards by receiving the Outstanding Kiwi Can School Award.

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Pupils at Crawshaw School participate in the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato Kiwi Can programme that delivers fun-filled learning and teaches the children values based around four themes - positive relationships, integrity, resilience and respect.

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