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Learning respect for our environment
Marlborough Midweek, Blenheim, NZ  by Brigid Graney
29 Jun 2017
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Respect, wacky wigs and rat trap action. This was the flavour of the day recently during Linkwater Primary School's Kiwi Can programme.

The happy collusion of Kiwi Can and Wig Wednesday was raising money for Child Cancer Foundation.

For all nine Marlborough schools that are part of Graeme Dingle Foundation's Kiwi Can programme locally, the focus of this term has been respect.

Over the term pupils have explored what it means to show respect for their school, their community, and their environment.

A 'Community Project' phase of Kiwi Can has seen many schools undertake initiatives that encompass showing respect for the environment. At Linkwater and Picton schools they are targeting pest control in their local surroundings.

Kiwi Can leaders Di Huntley and Jordan Peipi put in a heap of effort to prepare for the day with Linkwater School.

Using wood donated by ITM Picton, the pupils worked in pairs to complete the partially made rat trap boxes.

The air was filled with the sound of happy chatter mixed with hammers hitting nails as the children worked together on their trap boxes.

There was some trepidation when it came to practicing setting the rat traps. After some general health and safety and lots of questions, the students have now taken their trap boxes home, and into the wider Linkwater community, to begin predator trapping and recording results.

Kiwi Can leaders have walked the talk by engaging and collaborating with various local businesses and conservation groups through the process of developing this project. They talked with DOC early in their planning, have engaged with Kaipupu Point Sanctuary and Picton Dawn Chorus, and gained material support from ITM Picton for the wood, Picton Home Hardware for the nails and Gantley Imports for the Snap-E Rat Traps.

The day was not only a happy collusion of wacky wigs and the Kiwi Can programme, but of many other principles based around the value of respect.

It just shows the varied approaches that can be used to provide active community-based learning that is relevant, connected and authentic.

Respect provides a solid foundation to our relationships, with ourselves, others, the community and the environment. It's amazing what can be achieved when the ingredients of community, fun, crazy hair, environment and respect are mixed together.

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Kiwi Can leaders, parents, teachers and a DOC Ranger with the senior class at Linkwater Primary School - proudly showing off their rat trap boxes. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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