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Social services in the 21st century
Hamilton News, Waikato  21 Jul 2017
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Thriving in the 21st Century is a conference runbyComrnunityWaikato.

This conference is for the social service arganisations within the Waikato region, and those who are involved with this sector.

The social services sector is operating in a challenging environment, both socially and financially. Organisations and groups need to work smarter and more eff iciently tc achieve positive outcomes for those they serve while remaining viable and true to their values. The increasing pressure on the community sector to achieve more with less requires everyone to challenge the way they have done things in the past.

Based in Hamilton, Community Waikatc works to build the strength of the community sector in the Waikato by supporting and informing social service arganisations. Services include one-to-one advisory service, mentoring, facilitation, training, information, advocacy, Tindall Foundation, and Len Reynolds Trust funding.

The waikato region rarely has sector specific conferences and there was positive feedback from the sector about the previous conference Pdsing to the Challenge held in 2015.

Holly Snape, CE of Community Waikatc says that the team at Community Waikato is excited to bring the second sector conference, Thriving in the 21st Century.

"We look forward to building on the momentum from the first conference, and providing inspiration, information, entertainment and resources that will benefit those who work within the social services sector," says Holly.

This conference will bring people together, provide the opportunity to network, connect with people and ideas, share good practice, inspire leadership, learning and achievements and take time tc celebrate the outcomes they've achieved.

Key note speakers confirmed for this year include Sir Graeme Dingle, Erinna Lane, Dr Hirini Kaa, and Lindsay Cumberpatch.

The Dragon's Den, and Learning Marketplace remain highlights of the conference. New to the programme this year is a 'back benches' session, where Wallace Chapman will interview members of NZ political parties, and attendees will have an opportunity to put their questions to the politicians.

"The aim of this conference is to reignite 3ur passions and motivate us to think and act differently. We need to acknowledge what we are doing well and challenge our preconceived ideas to think outside the square to ensure we thrive moving forward in the 21st century," says Holly.

. Thriving in the 21st Century will be held on 2-3 August 2017, at the Distinction Hotel, Hamilton.

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