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Kiwi Can comes to Rotorua
Daily Post, Rotorua Bay of Plenty  by Stephanie Arthur-Worsop
25 Jul 2017
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A renowned programme teaching children how to be more resilient, respectful and confident is coming to Rotorua.

Kiwi Can, run by the Graeme Dingle Foundation, is a values and life skills programme designed for primary and intermediate school students.

The programme delivers a range of physical, mental and creative challenges, as well as high-energy, fun, safe and interactive lessons that reinforce the schools' goals and curriculum.

Kaitao Intermediate School, Sunset Primary School and Horohoro School will be the first Rotorua schools to take part in the programme, starting next year.

Sir Graeme Dingle will be in Rotorua tonight to celebrate the launch of Kiwi Can in Rotorua.

The event is free to attend, starting at 7pm at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology.

Rotorua's five rotary clubs worked together to get the programme funded in the city.

Horohoro School principal Eden Chapman said they were looking to try a new programme that would be inclusive of all students.

"Some programmes we've had to pick and choose which students take part so it will be great to have everyone get involved in this programme.

"We have 54 students so it will be interesting to see how Kiwi Can works for the different sized schools." Mr Chapman said he felt children needed more resilience - one of the key targets of Kiwi Can.

"We are always looking for ways to support our students, giving them the skills to cope in difficult situations or when they face disappointment." Sunset Primary School principal Niels Rasmussen said the whole process of getting involved had taken about a year.

"When we were presented with the programme about a year ago we identified it as being a good fit with our school values.

"We see it as complementary to what we do in our school. I think it will be beneficial for our students, helping them to understand they don't have to put up with bully ing and should be valued." Sir Graeme said there was always an intention to bring the programme to Rotorua.

"We are very keen to make New Zealand the best place in the world for kids and Kiwi Can is a step in that direction.

"We've seen Kiwi Can completely transform schools and bigger than that, we've seen it bring families together.

"Often schools and families are overburdened these days so we wanted to provide that extra bit of help teaching these kids good values like respect for self, respect for others and resilience." The Graeme Dingle Foundation aims to inspire all school age New Zealand children to reach their full potential through programmes that build selfesteem, promote good values and which teach valuable life, education and health skills.

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ROLE MODEL: Sir Graeme Dingle, a New Zealand outdoor adventurer and mountaineer, founded the Graham Dingle Foundation which runs Kiwi Can. PHOTO/FILE

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