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One man's rubbish is another's race winner
Northern Advocate, Whangarei Northland  by Peter de Graaf
23 Mar 2020
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Corrugated iron, plastic drums, bamboo, an old bicycle, bedsheets and duck decoys all that and much more was put to use by kids constructing vessels for the Great Kiwi Can Whangaroa Raft Race earlier this month. Nine rafts competed in the schools division and eight in the open as the vessels raced from Clansman's Wharf to Whangaroa Marina in fine conditions with no sign of the forecast rain. This year's standout raft, and possibly the fastest ever seen on Whangaroa Harbour, reached the finish line before the rest of the fleet had rounded the first corner. Kaeo Tu Tubz was paddled by kids of Kaeo Primary School and built by Ron Martin using roofing iron bent into the shape of a double-hulled waka. The event is organised annually by the Kiwi Can educational trust. Peter de Graaf captured the action.

Results School division results: 1 Kaeo Tu Tubz, Kaeo School; 2 Tiny Totaras, Totara North School; 3 Turbo Turtles, Te Kura o Hato Hohepa; 4 Te Waka o Whakarara, Matauri Bay School. Most creative: The Mad Duckers, Kaingaroa School. Best flag: Oruaiti School.

Open division: 1 Martin Family; 2 Kaeo Fire; 3 Moana NZ Team 2. Most Creative: Eddie Would Row (Mitchell family). Best team spirit: Trough it Out.

Caption Text:
Kaeo School's corrugated iron Tu Tubz raft leaves the rest of the fleet far behind.
Much like an America's Cup catamaran, an open division raft called Eddie Would Row even boasted pedal power.
Totara North School's Tiny Totaras power to second place.
Matauri Bay School's Te Waka o Whakarara even had a number plate.
Kaingaroa School deservedly took out the most creative raft tile for their Asterix/ duck huntingthemed creation called the Mad Duckers. Caleb Field, 9 (left), Rusty Patterson, 9, Ben Wigley, 10, and Jess Michalick, 10, with Bryce Wigley at rear.

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