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Star struck Kylie thrills crowd to win Stars In Your Eyes
Blenheim Sun, Blenheim  by Jacob Page
18 Aug 2021
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Kylie thrills crowd to win Stars In Your Eyes

Kylie Fleur has celebrated her 40th year around the sun in style by winning Stars in Your Eyes in front of a packed ASB Theatre on Saturday night.

Kylie's version of the 4 Non Blondes classic What's Up and her portrayal of frontwoman Linda Perry wowed the audience and helped raise $1000 for her chosen charity The Graeme Dingle Foundation, a leader in the field of child and youth development.

"I wanted to go out and have fun and connect with people through the song," Kylie says.

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"You don't know what the song means to people and what is going on in their lives.

"Before going on stage, I was waiting behind the screen and my heart started thumping and the insecurities occurred.

"Before the screen came up I was just dancing, trying to get that energy out." Kylie was encouraged to do the show by her two children Danniella and Harley and she hoped she showed them what could be achieved when you push beyond your comfort zone.

Marlborough Girls' College student Ella Kernick-Harvey was runner-up after her performance as Meghan Trainor singing Dear Future Husband.

She also earned money for her school choir.

The competition's youngest contestant, 15-year-old Tom Clerke finished third, cutting off his long hair and dying it red to become Ed Sheeran and singing Perfect.

He also raised funds for Queen Charlotte College's arts and cultural activities while donating his hair to be turned into a wig for cancer sufferers.

Ella says the experience was surreal.

"As soon as the fog was in my face and the screen came up and everyone was screaming, I was in heaven, to be honest.

"I was so nervous beforehand but I love to make people happy when I perform and I think I did that.

"To finish second in a competition like this was fantastic." Tom says he loved the experience from start to finish.

"I wasn't as nervous on stage as I thought I would be.

"I had plenty of throat lozenges during the day as my throat was a bit sore but everything worked out well.

"Before my song, I was hoping it was already over but once I was finished I wished I could do it again." Tom will perform again for his school in the coming weeks before shaving off all his hair completely.

The show was presented by Creative Kids and the Fulton Foundation and had Jackie Clarke as a guest entertainer and judge.

Creative Kids founding director Liz McKay was thrilled the show had a strong community feel.

"It seemed like everyone loved the show and was very supportive of everyone on stage." Liz says the contestants had become fast friends which made for a great atmosphere backstage.

She hoped the show would return for another year in 2022.

Caption Text:
Kylie Fleur is joined by her daughter Danniella, (9 years) and son Harley, (6 years) after winning Stars in Your Eyes.
Kylie as Linda Perry.
Stars in Your Eyes contestants from Left; Alison Dight as Brooke Fraser; Tom Clerke as Ed Sheeran; Racheal Kenyon as Cyndi Lauper; Chris Lippiatt as Eddie Vedder; Kylie Fleur as Linda Perry; Katrina Lange as Catherine Zeta-Jones; Ella Kernick-Harvey as Meghan Trainor; Rene de Ruiter as Cat Stevens and Simon Popham as Elton John.

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