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Best of youth in Dingle awards
Hamilton News, Waikato  03 Nov 2017
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Fourteen students from the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato Kiwi Can, Stars and Career Navigator programmes were recently presented with Excellence Awards at the University of Waikato.

The awards showcase the best of youth who help and support their schools, their communities, their whanau and their peers.

The judges said the winners inspire those around them to be all they can be so they are connected and contributing members of the community.

There were many hard decisions to make with so many nominations and they were heartened by the many examples of excellent young people.

These include Hosea MackeyNamana, Kiwi Can Champ for Resilience. Hosea has worked hard on his challenges and become a student who is a favourite at school, loved by his teachers and peers, and who continues to amaze with his attitude and achievements, judges said. He is a walking example of what a positive impact resilience can have on a person's life, they said.

"It was great to hear their stories and see that the work we are doing is developing the leaders of our future," Stu Davidson, General Manager of the Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato said.

Lahaina Solomon, Forest View High School, winner of the Stars Excellence in Peer Mentoring Award is one such leader. The judges were impressed with Lahaina's breadth of involvement in life, that she gives so much to others, that she always gives 100 per cent to everything she does and is sharing these skills in her wider community. Judges loved her desire to give back.

They were particularly impressed with how she doesn't just tell people to do things, she influences them in a positive way, a gift she shares with her peers.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation Waikato supports development of local youth from highest need communities in Hamilton, Tokoroa and Huntly.

The school-based programmes aim to inspire all children to reach their full potential by helping build self-esteem, promoting good values and teaching valuable life, education and health skills in a fun and interactive environment. We believe if we support all our youth to become connected and contributing adults, we all benefit.

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(Above): Lahaina Solomon, Forest View High School, receiving her award from Kerry Brown, Oji Fibre Solutions.
Hosea Mackey Namana, Mangakino Area School, with Mum and sponsor Vicki Law, Genesis Energy. Photos / Supplied

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