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Tauranga woman named Patron
Weekend Sun, Tauranga Bay of Plenty  08 Dec 2017
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In supercalifragilisticexpialidocious news, humanitarian Chloe Wright has been named Patron of the New Zealand Spelling Bee.

Now in its 13th year, the New Zealand Spelling Bee is a competitive spelling event aimed at encouraging Year 0-to-10 students to gain a love of the English language. The programme improves spelling capabilities, comprehension and communication skills.

Spelling Bee founder Janet Lucas says the not-for-profit organisation is honoured that Tauranga resident and CEO of the Wright Family Foundation, Chloe, has agreed to become its patron.

"Chloe is a huge advocate for literacy in New Zealand, and we couldn't run the Spelling Bee without the support of her and die Wright Family Foundation," says Janet.

"The foundation is our sole sponsor and has actively grown the Bee to be one of the most recognised scholastic events in New Zealand since coming on board in 2014.

"That was the turning point for the event and secured its future, resourcing it so that the programme could be expanded into primary and intermediate schools."

About 800 primary and intermediate schools now sign up for the programme every year.

Janet says Chloe is hands-on with her support and loves attending Spelling Bee events and interacting with contestants whenever possible.

Chloe - who is also Patron of the Kids' Lit Quiz - says she is humbled and honoured to be asked to be the Patron of an event she is so passionate about.

"The New Zealand Spelling Bee is a fantastic initiative that supports students to expand their vocabulary and celebrates their success," says Chloe.

"The fantastic work by Janet and the team resonates with the Wright Family Foundation's vision to enable individuals to achieve their full potential through education.

"The foundation wants to create articulate readers and writers who may go on to higher education with confidence. The Spelling Bee is a perfect fit with that goal."

Supporting the New Zealand Spelling Bee is just one of the avenues Chloe is using via the Wright Family Foundation to support individuals to achieve their full potential through education, healdi and environmental initiatives.

Other organisations to benefit from die foundation's generosity include Birthing Centre, Plunket, Brainwave Trust Aotearoa, Parenting Place, SuperGrans, Graeme Dingle Foundation and House of Science.

This year the foundation launched Love Grows Brains, an initiative to support New Zealand families and communicate die critical importance of talking, reading, singing and interacting with babies and young children.

"Education is at the heart of everything we do," says Chloe.

"We want to actively encourage others to unleash their potential through education in various forms.

"Literacy is something I am passionate about, and am always keen to support. Our objective is to improve the wellbeing of all Kiwis and their communities through education."

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Patron of the 'ew Zealand spelling Bee Chloe Wright.

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