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Pupils turn hand-made goods into cold hard cash
Southern View, Christchurch  by Emilyo'Connell
12 Dec 2017
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ByEmilyO'Connell ST BERNADETTE'S School pupils turned hand-made and secondhand goods into money at their market day last Thursday.

All 140 pupils, from new entrants through to the year 8 students, were involved in the market.

"We believe that every child has something worthwhile to offer. One of the children in our school is blind, he was able to contribute by brailing labels for bookmarks," assistant principal Lyn Satherley said.

Miss Satherley said each class decided on a reward they would like to have at the end of the school term with the money they raised.

She said classes then began thinking about, and researching products or services they could sell or offer at the school market.

"Having a market offers an authentic purpose for hands on learning, across the curriculum; science, maths, literacy, health, the arts and in the key competencies," Miss Satherley said.

Sweets, bookmarks, secondhand items, stress balls, games, cards and sausages all went up for sale.

The school also had a cafe, face painting station, hair colour station, traditional games, and a water balloon throw. "Having all of the children involved in the market allows them to take ownership over their learning and working as a team," Miss Satherley said.

She said any additional profit from the market will go towards a community day at the end of the term.

St Bernadette's hold a market day every second year.

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FUN: KiwiCan's Reece Bonner under fire at the school's market day.

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