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Te Puke Times, Te Puke Bay of Plenty  21 Dec 2017
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M/esfem Bay of Plenty District Council Te Kaunihera a rohe mai i nga Kuri-a-Wharei ki Otamarakau ki te Uru SIGN UP TO RECEIVE OUR FORTNIGHTLY UPDATES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX! 0(D


WESTERNBAY.GOVT.NZ Makatu - Ta Puke Ward Councillors

Kevin Marsh (07 533 3877) John Scrimgeour (07 533 368l) Grant Dally (07 573 8336) Mike Lally (07 573 6736)

Please remember if you have a problem, query, complaint or compliment about anything to do with Council and its service, please contact our customer services team.

CALL: 07 5718008

E MAI L: Proud to support our community partners WaipunaHospiCE

Life is Special KM CM www.fyd .org. nz/kiwica nwww.waipi* GJ^mdmsTYl^

FROM YOUR MAYOR As we head into the festive season I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very special Christmas and happy 2018.1 would also like to thank you for your support these past 12 months in my role as Mayor.

As for many of you, 2017 has had its share of challenges and rewards. While the challenges have at times weighed heavily, they have certainly been offset by the rewards. The majority of these rewards have come from working with many fantastic community groups in the Western Bay, and the achievements they have reached this year.

I look forward to working with you in 2018, but until then may the generosity,

friendship and pride that makes the Western Bay such a special place to live, be with you, your families, whanau and loved ones over the festive season.

Mayor Garry Webber USE WATER WISELY THIS SUMMER It's looking like we've got a hot and dry summer ahead of us.

While reservoir water levels are sufficient right now, we're asking Western Bay residents to start thinking about how you can do your bit to help conserve water to avoid shortages in the peak of summer.

Check out

for some handy water saving tips! FREEDOM CAMPING IN THE SPOTLIGHT Daily monitoring of freedom camping spots across the Western Bay has started, and will continue through to early February.

We have contracted First Security to carry out mobile patrols to ensure campers are complying with Council's Freedom Camping Bylaw.

If you're thinking about freedom camping in the Western Bay, check out the maps on our website first -

so you're on top of where you can and can't camp, plus read up on our bylaw.

If you have concerns about freedom campers, please contact us on 0800 926 732. KENNEL CALL TRIGGERS GREAT RESPONSE YES FOR EASTER SUNDAY TRADING Shops in the Western Bay will have the option of opening on Easter Sunday next year.

Public consultation on whether shops should have the option of trading on Easter Sunday resulted in 54 submissions to Council of which 67 percent were in support.

Until now it has been against the law to trade on Easter Sunday, except for a small range of shops exempt under the Shop Trading Hours Act. We have been overwhelmed by the response from people donating kennels for under-privileged dogs.

In less than a week more than 50 kennels have been offered and our animal services

team has been out and about collecting kennels of all sizes, shapes and conditions.

We'll continue collecting kennels until Thursday 21 December and will be able to resume collections in January.

This is all part of a campaign to promote responsible dog ownership.

If you've got a kennel you'd like to donate, send us an email - YOUR SUMMER SERYICES We want to make sure you have an epic summer! So we've made it easy for you to find out all you need to know about the services we offer over the summer holiday period.

Included are the opening hours of our libraries and service centres, recycling and greenwaste centres, general rubbish and recycling information, plus more on freedom camping, dog control and liquor bans.

See for all the info!

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