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Pedal power pulls in big money for charity
Timaru Herald, Timaru Canterbury  by Al Williams
23 Feb 2018
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Multiple non-profit organisations will benefit from the distribution of about $150,000 raised through the Central South Island Charity Bike Ride (CBR).

In its 14-year history the ride has raised $1.75 million so far.

Established in 2005, the first ride raised $27,000, a total which has increased every year since.

The latest ride saw 126 cyclists head off on Thursday for the threeday 380-kilometre loop that starts and finishes in Timaru.

This year the ride's route would be "in reverse" to what it usually was, CBR chairman Shane Brookland said.

The riders would pedal from Timaru to Tekapo, Tekapo to Kurow, then Kurow to Timaru.

"We've only done this way once so it is good to mix it up."

The group rode to Tekapo on Thursday, then head to Kurow on Friday, with a ride home to Timaru on Saturday.

All donations would be redistributed to the charities and there was massive support from right across the South Canterbury community, he said.

"There has been huge community buy in and we couldn't do without them.

"There is some big business behind us as well as the guy around the corner with $20."

Brookland said the group was thankful stormy weather conditions had cleared.

After reviewing previous years, a significant investment was made last year into more powerful radios, which had improved communication among the support teams, groups of riders and organisers, he said.

Riding conditions had been good so far and motorists had been courteous. Brookland said the organising committee was grateful to the riders, team leaders, support crews, generous businesses and the public.

The ride's 2018 recipients are Hospice South Canterbury, Alzheimers South Canterbury, Geraldine Riding For The Disabled, Cystic Fibrosis, Learning 4U, YMCA South Canterbury and the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

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Mark Baird, left, and Mark Engelbrecht lead one of the charity ride bunches out of Timaru. PHOTO: JOHN BISSET/STUFF

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