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Fundraising New Zealand, New Zealand  01 Mar 2018
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PEOPLE: Jane Walker has been appointed Fundraising Manager with the SPCA in Auckland.

Jane says, "I have recently joined the SPCA and have the privilege of managing a highly skilled fundraising team. These talented individuals look after national and community events, the direct marketing activity, supporter care and data processing. My main focus is to support the team and develop best practice donor care, while maximizing income. It is vital we invest in the future, so part of my role is to ensure we have sustainable revenue streams and strategies to respond to the changing marketplace."

After immigrating to New Zealand from the UK, Jane worked for several years as Fundraising Manager for the Leprosy Mission. Prior to that she worked in London as a Direct Marketing Manager for a large UK charity.

T: When Shane Anselmi, owner and director of kiwi footwear company Merchant and Mi Piaci saw 2013 news coverage of the country's mental illness statistics, and the incredibly high rate of youth suicide we have in New Zealand, he was motivated to establish his charity - Young Hearts Project.

Shane had been a long-time fan of Blake Mycoskie who founded Toms shoes, which operates a one for one gifting policy for children in need; every time Toms sells a pair of shoes, they give one away to a child in need somewhere in the world.

Shane says, "We have this sneaker brand we've created ourselves and so I thought okay every time we sell a pair of those we'll put aside some money to go into a fund to try and do something about this problem, and that's what we did, so a few months later we launched the Young Hearts Project and we've just been raising money ever since." Since the Project's launch in 2014, more than 200,000 Deuce sneakers have been sold. More than $1 million has been raised from this with the funds being split into three charities - Youthline, the Graeme Dingle Foundation and Great Potentials. Shane says, "We've been doing this for four years and we will continue to do it." PEOPLE: The Wellington City Mission has appointed Bridget Child as their new Marketing & Fundraising Manager - replacing Robbie Ross who has moved to the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand. After starting her career in magazine media sales as an Account Manager, Bridget has since worked as a professional fundraiser for the past twelve years. Bridget gained significant experience working as a fundraiser for Action for Kids, Oxfam and Save the Children in the United Kingdom, before returning to New Zealand in 2014 to a role at the New Zealand Red Cross. She has experience across all fundraising income areas but specialises in relationship fundraising and corporate partnerships. Bridget says, "My role is to maximise income and support for the Wellington City Mission, and raise awareness about the work we deliver every day to transform the lives of some of Wellington's most vulnerable people."

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PEOPLE: Sweet Louise (support for incurable breast cancer) has appointed Philippa Reed as their new CEO, replacing Fiona Hatton who has moved offshore. Before joining Sweet Louise, Philippa worked in diversity and inclusion for a number of years, both as a consultant and as Diversity Manager at Auckland Council. She was previously CE of the EEO Trust (now Diversity works) and has held senior roles at the University of Auckland and KPMG.

Philippa says, "Sweet Louise has a deservedly fine reputation for the work it undertakes to support people with secondary breast cancer and I am thrilled and humbled to be able to join this organisation and the team."

PEOPLE: Chris Ashton has been appointed Partnerships and Funding Manager with the Christchurch City Mission.

Chris says, "My role is to develop and maintain revenue generating partnerships, towards a goal of raising funds and support for the Mission to the level of $5.5 million

p.a. that we need to operate. Most is derived from donations. Also to attain more corporate and commercial funding sources as we will be looking to alter some of our past practices and include more events that will include our corporate partners."

Chris has a varied employment background; most recently as a Senior Claims Specialist looking after complex Earthquake Claims as well as running the Cantabrianhome. project to help people understand the current building requirements in Christchurch.

PEOPLE: Mary Potter Hospice (Wellington) has appointed Brent Alderton as their new Chief Executive, replacing Ria Earp who has moved into a private consulting role.

Brent has a BA (Hons) in Economics and an MA in Political Studies and prior to joining Mary Potter, he was Chief Executive at the Commerce Commission. Prior to his nine years with the Commission, he worked in a range of private and public sector organisations, and in a variety of management roles.

Hospice Board Chair Mark Cassidy says, "The Hospice is facing many challenges as we gear up for an increase in the number of people who will need our caring and compassionate service. We are confident that Brent will make a difference in this very important role." Brent will take up the role in mid-April.

Appointment via NZCT

GRANTS: During the last three months NZCT has distributed around 480 grants for a total value of $7,840,592. Recipients of the largest regional grants for December 2017 were: Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union - $200,000; North Harbour Rugby Football Union - $175,000; Netball Mainland Zone (Canterbury) $110,000; Gisborne District Council - $97,756; Central Districts Cricket Association - $100,000; Manawatu Rugby Football Union - $125,000; Taranaki Rugby Football Union - $100,000; Netball Central Zone (Wellington) - $200,679;

For January 2018 they were: Netball Northern Zone - $285,000; Canterbury Softball Association - $150,000. For February 2018 they were: No 6 District Federation of NZ Football - Mainland Football (Canterbury) - $115,000.

During this three month period NZCT also made thirty-one grants to national organisations. The largest of these were: December 2017: Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoors Education Trust - $70,000; Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand - $70,000. January 2018: Yachting New Zealand - $160,000; Chamber Music New Zealand Trust Board - $150,000; Basketball New Zealand - $135,000. February 2018: Gymsports NZ Inc. - $200,000; Sport Wellington Region Inc. - $120,000; NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council Inc. - $125,000; Life Flight Trust - $115,000.

PEOPLE: Momentum Waikato Community Foundation (MWCF) has announced Kelvyn Eglinton as its new CEO, replacing founding CEO Cheryl Reynolds who after four years has left to establish a new social enterprise for generosity. The MWCF is an independent resource for high-impact philanthropic giving within the Waikato region, linking generous donors to strategic charitable investments, and is part of a network of fifteen Community Foundations nationwide. Before joining Momentum Waikato Community Foundation Kelvyn was General Manager City Growth with the Hamilton City Council.

Momentum Waikato has also announced Janice Lapwood has joined the team as its Development Manager. Mrs Lapwood comes from a role as the Development Manager at the University of Waikato Foundation.

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If your organisation has appointed a new CEO,

Board member or Fundraiser, has received

a glorious philanthropic gift, a generous or

important grant, has negotiated a corporate gift

or sponsorship; and you want to tell the world

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