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Industry podcast launched
GoAuto News, Sandringham  by John Mellor
11 Aug 2021
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Greg Rust, Shane Jacobson and Geoff Gwilym to host monthly infotainment showcase

THE Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has moved into the realm of online education and entertainment with the launch of a podcast called THE GRILLE, a monthly online audio show designed to keep vehicle industry players and enthusiasts abreast with motor industry issues.

THE GRILLE is being hosted by Greg Rust, Shane Jacobson and VACC CEO Geoff Gwilym with a focus on mixing education with fun and entertainment.

The show is designed to become a favourite among automotive professionals, motoring enthusiasts and motorsport fans.

The first episode will be available fromAugust 10 and includes a special guest interview with UK motoring personality, Jeremy Clarkson.

Each episode will be between 45 minutes and 60 minutes and consists of various segments primarily of interest to those who make their living one way or another from motor vehicles.

The podcast, which is sponsored by Bendix and DENSO, is available from the VACC website, podcast website LiSTNR, Spotify, the Apple Store and many other locations hosting podcasts.

David Dowsey, head of marketing, media, communications and publications at the VACC told GoAutoNews Premium: "It's a little bit like an FM morning breakfast radio show in that there's news and views along with a panel discussion.

"There are interviews of a well known interview subject. We are getting people from different sectors of the industry. So: car dealers, recyclers, mechanical repair, body repair, tyres and so on so they can have a bit of a discussion about the industry because the podcast is industry focused.

"But what we have set out to do with the show is we want it to bring entertainment along with the industry education and discussion because what we realise is talking about tyre recycling can be incredibly interesting for some people, but not for all people.

"That's why we have a lineup of hosts like Greg Rust who can steer the ship. We've got Shane Jacobson, who can bring that sort of passion and motoring enthusiasm. Shane Jacobson is immediately identifiable and a well-loved actor, presenter and knowledgeable automotive enthusiast.

"And then we have Goeff Gwilym who will bring rigour to the discussion.

He's the one who knows all the stats and figures and information, so he can talk with authority about the shape of the auto industry.

"It's a really good mix because you need something meaty and you need to have a laugh as well. And that's what we're trying to bring to the concept," Mr Dowsey said.

"So it is pacey and fun but, importantly, it has authority.

Having such a respected industry commentator like Geoff Gwilym on board, and the resources and knowhow available to VACC, really gives THE GRILLE a point of difference." Mr Dowsey added that the show would have a well known guest every month.

"We'll always have someone well known in the motoring world. Our first guest is Jeremy Clarkson," he said. 'That's not a bad start. For Jeremy to say yes to appearing on THE GRILLE shows the commitment we have to quality."

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