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Complaint about baker's school lunch ad upheld
Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney  by Lucy Cormack
07 Mar 2017
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A complaint that a Bakers Delight billboard was "advertising lollies on bread for school lunches" has been upheld by the Advertising Standards Board.

The advertisement, which was displayed on signs in shopping centres, depicted three Bakers Delight products beneath the wording: "School lunches? Problem solved."

Another version in the ad series highlighted that the product was for a "limited time only," alongside the message: "Go on. Make their Day!" A cheese and Vegemite scroll, a cheese and bacon roll and a fourpack of mini finger buns covered in chocolate M&Ms (pictured) featured on one of the signs, with the latter forming the focus of the complaint.

The advertising board found the Bakers Delight ad series undermined the promotion of healthy balanced diets.

"Advertising of lollies on bread for school lunches is appalling.

Lunch and healthy food choices are challenging enough for most families and to have this as an acceptable choice is unfathomable," the complainant said.

"Bakers Delight is specifically targeting children to include M&M finger buns as a day-to-day lunch box item.

"Such products, should rarely (or preferably never) be eaten by children, let alone promoted and 'normalised' as an everyday food ... " The complainant argued that amid Australia's "obesity crisis," it seemed "incredibly irresponsible and unethical to market such products to children and their carers".

The Advertising Standards Board ultimately found the ad series undermined the promotion of healthy balanced diets through "the combination of images and text" and that it did breach a section of the AANA Food Code.

"The reader may interpret the advert isement as being a sug gestion of some items to go in the lunch box, however . . . the text 'your lunch box solution' strongly suggests this is all you could have (a scroll and a finger bun)," the judgment said.

In response to the finding, Bakers Delight said it was "surprised" and "disappointed in [itself]" that the ad had come to the attention of the board.

Bakers Delight acknowledged it would not continue the campaign.

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