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Cost of new bus shelters covered
Mosman Daily, Sydney  by Caroline Tang
01 Feb 2018
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Mosman Council enters new 15-year contract

ADSHEL is replacing more than 20 bus shelters in Mosman as part of a new 15-year contract with the council.

The work started last month and will continue until May. The installation of the first new shelter was at the intersection of King Max St and Bradleys Head Rd.

Adshel won the contract for the council's bus shelter construction and replacement program after a public tender process last year.

The council is not installing any advertising on the bus shelters that previously did not have it.

Environment and planning director Craig Covich said residents and visitors would benefit from the new bus shelters.

Mr Covich said the bus shelter works were being done at no cost to the council. "This is a great outcome for the community because it will provide new, modern bus shelters while providing a significant commercial return to council," he said.

"There will be some minimal disruption while the stops are being renewed, but the community will be more than pleased with the outcome." The significant revenue stream will help the council to deliver other projects, such as the maintenance and improvement of Mosman's environment.

The council's spokeswoman said the new 15-year contract with Adshel enabled the renewal of 21 bus shelters, the construction of a new one at Spit East and the continuation of advertising at some shelters.

"The contract requires the shelters to be constructed and maintained by Adshel for the next 15 years, all at no cost to council," the spokeswoman said.

The bus shelters being replaced were previously managed under a similar contract signed some 15 years ago.

d The council's bus shelter l works follow Transport for o NSW's removal of four bus - stops - in Clifford St, Mili tary Rd and Spit Rd - for the - B-Line project.

y A Transport for NSW r spokesman said the bus 5 stops on Clifford St were re placed with new B-Line stops located within 50m of their original position.

"The stops along Military and Spit roads were removed due to their proximity to other existing stops as part of changes designed to improve traffic flow and the reliability of all bus services," the spokesman said.

The contract requires the shelters to be constructed and maintained by Adshel Council spokeswoman

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Mosman Council's Craig Covich at the first of the suburb's new bus shelters.

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