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Native food plan heats up
Adelaide Advertiser, Adelaide  01 Jul 2017
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CELEBRITY chef Jock Zonfrillo is part of a new partnership expected to build a truly Australian food industry.

The founder of The Orana Foundation has joined forces with the University of Adelaide in a research partnership.

It will benefit indigenous communities and make the most of their traditional knowledge, said Professor Andy Lowe, director of food innovation at the University of Adelaide.

Zonfrillo said the foundation was "inspired by the First Australians' unique relationship with the land". They would be involved in future cultivation, harvesting and supply of native ingredients.

"I'm so excited to see this project come to life," said Zonfrillo.

He said the new research would help create a native food database in collaboration with South Australian Museum and Botanic Gardens of South Australia.

Orana chefs would help assess the flavours at a new experimental kitchen to be set up at the university's Waite Campus.

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DEDICATED: Jock Zonfrillo has been inspired by Aborigines.

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