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Nobel laureates seeking 'reliable info' guarantee
Courier Mail, Brisbane  06 Nov 2018
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TWENTY-FIVE leading thinkers, including Nobel laureates, have issued a declaration, calling for guaranteed rights to reliable information in the internet age.

Economists Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz and Iranian lawyer and rights campaigner Shirin Ebadi are among the signatories to the International Declaration on Information and Democracy.

"We urge leaders of good will on all continents to take action to promote democratic models and an open public debate in which citizens can take decisions on the basis of facts," the group said in a statement.

The "global information and communication space", they argued, was a common good that "must be protected in order to facilitate the exercise of freedom of expression and opinion".

"Human beings have a fundamental right to receive information that is freely gathered, processed and disseminated, according to the principles of commitment to truth, plurality of viewpoints and rational methods of establish facts." The document called for support from world leaders including US President Donald Trump, a frequent critic of what he calls "fake news", but he is regularly accused of distorting the facts.

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