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High cost of illegal dumping
Gladstone Observer, Gladstone  by aaron goodwin
21 Sep 2019
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THE illegal dumping of asbestos is costing Banana Shire residents thousands of dollars as the council is repeatedly left to pick up the pieces.

This comes after a string of asbestos dumpings, with the latest at the Jambin Waste Transfer Station causing the site to remain closed while the asbestos was removed.

Banana Shire Council Mayor Nev Ferrier said the council couldn't continue to fork out for asbestos removal costs.

"This year council has asbestos clean-up and disposal costs to the ratepayers which exceeds $50,000 at our unsupervised waste facilities," Cr Ferrier said.

Illegal dumping is failing to deposit any type of waste material that is 200 litres or more at an approved landfill site.

A local licensed asbestos removalist said asbestos fibres were carcinogenic, so it was the fibres you couldn't see inside the sheeting that were inhaled or blown around that caused the health hazards.

"It's like a fish hook and you breathe it into your lungs," they said.

"I've had an old friend die from asbestos.

"Because of how much it costs to dispose of it legally, people perhaps don't want to fork out that extra cost and they choose an unmanned site to dump it.

"It doesn't cost a lot to get asbestos testing and double wrap it in plastic when you're renovating your home." Cr Ferrier said new illegal dumps were being found on a weekly basis containing general rubbish as well as asbestos not disposed of at council-approved landfill sites.

"The amounts range from a few intact sheets to numerous broken pieces," Cr Ferrier said.

"In some instances the ground needs to be scraped and treated as contaminated." He said due to the actions of a reckless few, the rest of the community was forced to suffer the consequences when the council was required to clean and decontaminate the site.

"In the end, the whole community has to suffer for the reckless actions of the few through higher costs to maintain and operate facilities, reduced access to waste facilities, as we have to engage individuals or groups to monitor what is being dropped off at transfer stations and dumps, and the community wears the cost of cleaning someone else's mess." BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO DISPOSE OF IT LEGALLY, PEOPLE PERHAPS DON'T WANT TO FORK OUT THAT EXTRA COST AND THEY CHOOSE AN UNMANNED SITE TO DUMP IT ASBESTOS REMOVALIST

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