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Stiglitz worthy recipient of Peace Prize
Australian Financial Review, Australia  21 Nov 2018
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In "Joe Stiglitz isn't the economist he used to be" (November 18), Aaron Patrick suggests Stiglitz is better known for what he opposes than what he stands for. In fact, Stiglitz has very clear recommendations on achieving a more equitable economy and society with shared and sustainable prosperity, namely: 1. Strong social institutions - such as the rule of law, markets restrained by publicly set rules and regulations, and a functioning democracy with checks and balances; 2. Strong truth-telling institutions, namely an independent and free press, strong judiciary, and universities; 3. Adequate investment in education, public research and public services; and 4. Strong labour market institutions that give workers bargaining power on their wages and working conditions.

For this reason, the Sydney Peace Foundation is proud to have Professor Stiglitz as our 2018 Sydney Peace Prize recipient.

Marianna Brungs, director Sydney Peace Foundation

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